3 Common Forms of Negligence that Lead to Auto Accidents

by admin@gotechark.com | November 6th, 2017

In the months and years after most people obtain their drivers’ licenses, they quickly become accustomed to the act of driving. In fact, they can safely get from point A to point B without much effort.

But even though driving becomes “automatic” for many people, it still requires focus, attention, and coordination.

Unfortunately, many drivers take their safety and ability to safely operate their vehicles for granted. That often leads to them getting behind the wheel under unsafe conditions or engaging in dangerous activities while driving.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Norfolk car accident attorneys look for these three signs of negligence or carelessness after crashes:

  1. Distracted driving – Texting while driving is an epidemic in the U.S. and throughout Virginia, and it plays a role in a huge number of car accidents nationwide every year.
  2. Drunk or impaired driving – When drivers get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, taking certain medications, or using drugs, they often lose their ability to focus, stay alert, or react quickly.
  3. Speeding – All roads in Virginia have posted speed limits, and when drivers exceed those limits, they put themselves and others in danger, as they’re more likely to lose control or be unable to stop in time to avoid collisions.

If you or a loved one were injured in an auto accident caused by someone else’s negligence, we want to fight for your rights to the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.