Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Virginia

Nursing home residents look forward to their time with family members and friends. Those days come and go quickly, along with the stories about their children and grandchildren’s lives passing too fast. When nursing home residents are suffering from neglect or abuse, they may not want to burden their family members with problems.

The experienced Norfolk nursing home abuse lawyers at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers understand that your family members are precious and need to be protected against those who would take advantage of, neglect, or hurt them in any way. Trust us to aggressively pursue a case against the people and institutions responsible for harming your loved ones so we can recover compensation for injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering—compensation that your family deserves.

If your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect, contact Lowell Stanley. From our office in Norfolk, our nursing home abuse lawyers can help clients throughout Virginia, including Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and surrounding areas.

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How Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help

You might encounter many challenges when determining whether your loved one is getting the care they deserve. It can be difficult dealing with a nursing home’s staff or administrator. Your loved one might not be able to communicate about the level of care they’re receiving.

At our firm, we know how difficult this can be for concerned family members. We have years of experience dealing with these cases, and we know the processes needed to ensure your loved one’s care is acceptable.

Whether you’re simply exploring your legal options, or you want to take immediate legal action against a nursing home in Virginia, our team can help. We offer free consultations, so you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your loved one’s situation with no obligation to move forward with our firm if you don’t wish to do so.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Virginia nursing home abuse lawyers today to schedule your free case assessment.

Ask Questions About Your Loved One’s Care

Because family members in assisted living may be reluctant or unable to discuss nursing home neglect or abuse, it is important to be observant and ask questions of the staff.

Signs of nursing home neglect and abuse may not always present themselves in an obvious manner. Take note of the condition of your family member’s room and personal hygiene. If there is a sudden change in medication or diet, evidence of restraint use, bruising, or poor hygiene, find out what is behind it. Changes in environment can be indicators of neglect or abuse and need to be taken seriously.

Ask the staff about the environment and daily activities of your family member and other nursing home residents. Getting a general feel for the environment will help alert you to any changes that occur. If staff members are unwilling or reluctant to answer questions, contact the Norfolk, Virginia nursing home abuse lawyers at Lowell Stanley immediately so we can help you investigate the living conditions of your loved one.

Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights

The decision to move into assisted living does not include forfeiting basic rights and privileges. Nursing home residents should expect to continue to be able to control important aspects of their daily lives, including finances, food and medication schedules, and to enjoy basic rights to privacy, confidentiality, and information.

The list that follows demonstrates some of the rights nursing home residents should expect.

  • The right to be informed about the nursing home
  • The right to choose a physician
  • The right to know about medical conditions
  • The right to participate in a plan of care
  • The right to be free from abuse and restraints
  • The right to privacy, dignity, and respect
  • The right to manage personal finances
  • The right to see visitors
  • The right to confidentiality
  • The right to be made aware of services and charges
  • The right to voice grievance without retaliation
  • The right to organize and participate in groups
  • The right to participate in social, religious, and community activities
  • The right to examine reviews
  • The right to remain in the nursing home

If any of these rights have been denied or infringed upon in any way, you have the right to explore your legal options against the nursing home.

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