Dog Bite Lawyers in Virginia

Dog bite injuries can cause physical and emotional trauma that lasts a lifetime. But if you were injured by a dog owner’s negligence, you shouldn’t be left to pay the bills. Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers can help. We know Virginia dog bite laws, and we’re here to protect your rights to the money you need to move forward with your life.

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Virginia Dog Bite Laws

Virginia adheres to the “one bite rule,” which means that dogs have to establish a history of violence before owners can be held responsible for any harm they cause. However, if it can be proven that an owner was negligent in any way, victims can recover compensation, even if the bite is the dog’s first offense.

Virginia also has a contributory negligence law, meaning that if a victim is responsible in any degree for the dog attack, then they cannot collect compensation. For this reason, Virginia dog bite victims should be wary of talking about their case with anyone. A casual comment to a neighbor about the case may severely damage your claim, so avoid talking about the attack and don’t post details about your case on social media.

Common Causes of Dog Bites

Every dog bite is different, but bites can often be prevented when owners provide their dogs with proper care and attention. Many dog bites are the result of dog owners failing to:

  • Keep their dogs fenced or secured on their properties
  • Post warnings when their dogs have a history of aggression
  • Provide their dogs with adequate training and socialization
  • Seek veterinary attention when dogs are sick or injured
  • Supervise their dogs.

At Lowell Stanley, our Norfolk dog bite lawyers have the knowledge and resources to hold dog owners accountable for their negligence. We’ll investigate your claim, collect the evidence needed to build a strong case, and fight for the settlement you deserve—even if it means going to court.

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