What Compensation Is Available for Auto Accident Victims?

by admin@gotechark.com | September 24th, 2018

Car crashes aren’t just painful and emotionally traumatic—they’re also expensive. It’s not uncommon for victims to face financial ruin and even bankruptcy over accidents that weren’t their fault. That’s because crashes frequently cause serious injuries that require extensive medical care—and those same injuries often put victims out of work for weeks, months, or even years.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Norfolk auto accident attorneys know how devastating car accidents can be for victims and their families. In addition to facing long roads to recovery, victims also face medical bills that they can’t afford due to being unable to work.

Thankfully, victims have the opportunity to file claims for compensation when they’re injured in crashes that weren’t their fault. Types of compensation that are available to victims include:

  • Medical bill compensation—Ambulance rides, surgeries, overnight stays in the hospital, and physical rehabilitation costs can quickly add up and become overwhelming for many victims, including those with extensive health insurance. Many compensation claims include demands for recouping some or all medical bills associated with crashes.
  • Lost wage compensation—When victims aren’t working, they aren’t earning the paychecks their families depend on. Some victims may be unable to work for weeks or months, while others may never get back on the job due to permanent disabilities. Injury claims can award money based on current and future lost wages.

Other types of compensation can include vehicle repair costs and pain and suffering. Want to find out how much money your claim is worth? Call us today for a free consultation.