Make the Call

by | March 28th, 2016

The telephone revolutionized communication. Before Alexander Graham Bell’s tinkering turned into a working prototype, communication was accomplished by letter, telegraph, or good old fashion face-to-face conversation. Since then, there have been some pretty significant phone calls. From presidents informing parents their sons and daughters are coming home to peace talks across oceans, the telephone has made it possible to inform and unite people instantly at any time.

Each of us can think of a phone call or two that were pivotal in our lives–some heartbreaking, some joyful. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, one upcoming phone call can impact the rest of your life more than any before. The insurance company may be calling with a settlement offer soon. Although they seem nice and understanding on the phone, their main objective is to get you to take as little money as possible for your injuries. It’s nothing personal. They’re just trying to make a profit. But if you take it, it’ll become real personal to you, real quick.

There’s no way to know how much this accident is going to cost you at this point, so how can you know if what they’re offering will be enough? The answer is you can’t. That’s why you should never take the insurance company’s first offer. When they call, do three things: Tell them you’re not signing anything, hang up, and call us.

Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers knows how to deal with the insurance company, and we’ll work to get you what you truly deserve. Don’t go it alone. Make the call that could change your life today.