Beware of These Common Bicycle Accident Causes.

by | January 2nd, 2018

Although bicyclists typically travel on Virginia’s roads at much lower speeds than other drivers, they are extremely vulnerable when involved in accidents. Unlike people in cars, trucks, and SUVs, bicyclists have no built-in safety features to protect them during crashes. And unlike motorcyclists, they may not even have safety gear on while riding, leaving them at high risk of suffering disabling and even life-threatening injuries.

Other vehicles are one of the biggest threats that bicyclists face on the road, and two common causes of vehicle-related bicycle accidents include:

  • Opening car doors – Riding in urban areas is already dangerous enough due to distractions, heavy traffic density, and impatient drivers. But opening car doors is another significant risk factor. Bicyclists should always ride near parked vehicles with extreme caution, as doors can open in their paths at any time.
  • Drifting vehicles – Bike lanes are great for giving bicyclists additional room to maneuver on Virginia’s roads, but drivers don’t always respect them or even acknowledge them. Vehicles that drift into bike lanes can cause bicyclists to be pushed off the road or even clip them, causing serious accidents and injuries.

It’s vital for all bicyclists to ride defensively, always wear a helmet, and be on the lookout for common hazards, including those listed above.

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