Watch Out for Bicyclists

by | August 21st, 2017

Bicyclists are a common sight on many of Norfolk’s busiest streets, but they face serious risks when they ride near traffic. As a driver, it’s important to remember that bicyclists can be anywhere on the road, and because they are required to follow the same laws as motorists, they also deserve the same respect.

Bike lanes and wide roads can help reduce bicyclists’ chances of being involved in accidents, but those safety advantages can be ineffective when drivers don’t pay attention or don’t give the space they need.

The next time you drive, follow these tips to help keep the city’s bicyclists safe:

  • Check your mirror before turning. Because bicyclists don’t always ride directly behind vehicles—especially on roads with bike lanes—drivers may not be aware of them when they turn, causing T-bone accidents. Always check your mirror before you turn to see if a bicyclist is riding alongside or adjacent to you.
  • Be patient. A common complaint drivers have about bicyclists is their tendency to slow traffic. In most cases, the slowdown is brief. Always wait until it’s safe to pass a bicyclist. Unless you can clearly see there’s no oncoming traffic and you won’t crowd the bicyclist, don’t pass.

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