Many Birth Injury Victims and Families Deserve Lifelong Compensation

by | March 14th, 2022

Disabling injuries are among the most devastating. Not only are they painful and traumatic when they occur, but they can change victims’ lives forever. When people become disabled, they may be unable to work and earn a living for themselves and others, and they also may be unable to participate in hobbies or enjoy time with friends and family like they could before.

When disabling injuries happen to children, especially children who have just been born, it’s even more tragic. They haven’t even had a chance to enjoy their lives yet and they are already dealing with a disability because of someone’s negligence. For those children and their families, their disabilities go beyond physical limitations and can often result in lifelong medical bills and expenses.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we push hard to get birth injury victims and their families maximum compensation. In many cases, that means compensation for the rest of their lives. An initial settlement is rarely enough to fairly compensate children who may never be able to work or who may need medical treatment for decades to come. They need compensation that can last them for the long haul.

If your child was injured by a negligent doctor or other provider before, during, or after birth, we want to help. Contact our Virginia birth injury lawyers today for a free consultation. We have the experience and aggressiveness you need to get a fair settlement for your child’s injuries.