Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death: It’s About Justice

by admin@gotechark.com | January 16th, 2017

Surviving family members of wrongful death victims often tell us the last time they saw their loved one alive is like a snapshot in their minds. They often lament that they wish they had told that someone exactly how much they loved and cared, but they didn’t. Although that’s natural to feel guilt after a loved one passes, it’s often misplaced. You didn’t miss the opportunity to tell your loved one how you felt, it was stolen away from you, along with all the moments you and your loved one would have shared if not for someone else’s negligence.
A wrongful death case isn’t about capitalizing financially on a misfortune. It’s about getting justice for the loved one you lost. Often we take on cases that do not involve any criminal charges, even though the person who caused your loved one’s death acted in negligence or malice. We don’t believe that’s right, and neither do you. Thankfully, there’s recourse for surviving family members to get the justice they deserve for their loved one and their family, and that’s through a wrongful death case.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we’ve stood, grieved, and fought alongside a number of families in our Norfolk community, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Our firm can help reconstruct the events that led to your loved one’s death, and our attorneys want to fight to get your family the justice you deserve. No amount of money will bring your lost loved one home, but fighting for justice on their behalf can serve as a starting point for your healing.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, call an experienced Norfolk wrongful death attorney today for a free, no obligation consultation. We’re ready to help your family get through this tragedy, whatever it takes.

Get Justice for Your Loved One

by admin@gotechark.com | August 8th, 2016

Family is everything. If we were able, we’d ensure the safety of our families every minute of every day, but unfortunately that’s not possible. They have to live their own lives, just as we have to live ours. However, when a loved one loses his or her life due to someone else’s negligence, there is something we can do to protect their memories. Call a lawyer.

A wrongful death lawsuit is one of the few ways a grieving family can get justice for a lost loved one. With an experienced lawyer, you and your family may be entitled to significant compensation that will not only honor the memory of your loved one, but will also help your family recover financially from a lifetime loss of income and any medical expenses incurred from your loved one’s accident. A wrongful death suit isn’t about getting revenge. It’s about getting justice, and we know how to get it for you.

If you lost a loved due to someone else’s carelessness, give our experienced Norfolk wrongful death attorneys a call immediately for a free consultation. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your loss, but the window of time for bringing a claim may be limited, so don’t delay. Contact us today.

$550,000 Settlement Reached in Virginia Wrongful Death Case

by | November 10th, 2014

Doctors not only have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect the well-being of their patients, but in some cases, they may also be responsible for offering the same protection to family members. This was highlighted by a recent Virginia wrongful death case that resulted in the victim being awarded $550,000 in damages.

After separating from the mother of his child, a man was required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if the boy would be safe with the father during unsupervised visits. Against the wishes of the child’s mother, those visits were granted.

When the child died of “unknown” causes while under the care of the father, the mother filed a lawsuit. She claimed the psychiatrist who approved the unsupervised visits was negligent in protecting the safety of her son.

The Washington Post says the latest award comes on top of more than $650,000 the mother has received for the wrongful death of her son.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we recognize the difficulties that can come with the unexpected loss of a loved one. That’s why our team of Norfolk personal injury lawyers hopes the latest settlement will bring a sense of closure to this tragic incident for the mother and family of the victim.

Virginia Wrongful Death Lawsuit Results in $3 Million Settlement

by | January 20th, 2014

January 20, 2014

When a person is killed as the result of a car or truck accident caused by another person’s negligence, the family of the victim has the right to seek compensation for their loss through civil litigation. The Norfolk Wrongful Death Attorneys with the law firm of Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley explain such a case was recently settled outside of a Virginia courtroom.

According to an article from the Claims Journal, a 27-year-old Newport News, Virginia, woman was killed June 14, 2012, along Interstate 664 in the city of Chesapeake. Reports indicate the victim’s vehicle had broken down along the highway. The driver of a tractor trailer didn’t see the broken down vehicle and plowed into its rear, killing the woman inside.

The victim’s family later filed suit against both the driver responsible for the crash and the company who hired him. The family claimed the company and driver’s negligence was directly responsible for their loss. In order to avoid a costly court battle, an agreement was reached between the three parties that the family of the victim would be paid a sum of $3 million in order to lay the matter to rest.

Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley and his team of Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers recognize how difficult it can be to lose a loved one to an unforeseen accident. That is why the firm hopes the settlement brings some sense of closure to the incident for the family of the victim.

Virginia Wrongful Death Lawsuit Set To Go To Trial

by | July 29th, 2013

July 29, 2013

The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawsuit filed on behalf of a University of Virginia Lacrosse player allegedly murdered by her estranged boyfriend will go to trial. Court documents indicated the hearing will begin September 29, 2014, and last approximately two weeks.

According to NBC 29 News, the suit stems from an incident that occurred in May 2010 at the victim’s apartment, located on 14th Street in Charlottesville, Virginia. Police believe the accused kicked in the door of the apartment, got into an argument with the victim, and killed her by striking her head against the wall.

The victim’s family filed the suit, claiming the accused’s negligent behavior that evening was the direct and proximate cause of the victim’s death. So far, the man charged in connection to the murder has denied any wrongdoing in the matter and has evoked his Fifth Amendment right not to speak in the matter.

The victim’s family is seeking more than $30 million in the suit.

One of the most important aspects of a wrongful death case is proving negligence on the part of the responsible party; however this can be an extremely complex process.

That is why the Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley hope a decision in the case will bring a sense of closure to the tragedy for the family of the victim.

Virginia Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Family of Deceased Cyclist

by | July 9th, 2013

July 8, 2013

Virginia Wrongful Death Lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a woman who was struck and killed while riding a bicycle along a Richmond, Virginia, road last year. Reports indicate the incident occurred this past July, along River Road on the west side of town.

According to CBS 6 News, the victim was riding her bicycle home when a vehicle being driven by a 31-year-old man suddenly struck her. Instead of rendering aid to the victim though, the driver fled the scene. The victim was later found and declared dead at the scene.

The man responsible for causing the crash later confessed to investigators, saying he believed he had hit a deer, not a person, which led to him leaving the scene. A jury disagreed and sentenced the man to three years behind bars for fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in an injury.

Now, the family of the victim has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the man who caused the crash, claiming that his negligence was directly responsible for their loss.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley are aware of the devastating effects the loss of a loved one to an unforeseen accident can have on a family. That’s why the firm would like to send their deepest condolences to the family of the woman who lost her life and hope a decision in the case will bring some closure to their tragic loss.

Lawsuits Filed In Connection To Fatal Virginia Drunk Driving Accident

by admin@gotechark.com | December 3rd, 2012

December 3, 2012

Two Virginia Wrongful Death lawsuits have been filed on behalf of two victims of a head-on collision caused by a driver going the wrong way down the interstate. The Daily Press said each family is seeking $5 million in damages for their loss.

Reports show the accident happened a year ago today at around 2:50 a.m. on I-64, near the exit for Harpersville Road in Hampton, Virginia. The 34-year-old driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV was driving down the highway in the wrong direction when his vehicle collided with a Ford Taurus carrying the 17 and 19-year-old victims along with three of their friends, who were seriously injured in the crash.

Police determined the driver of the SUV was under the influence of alcohol. He was then placed under arrest for two counts of involuntary manslaughter, three counts of maiming by DUI, and having two DUIs within five years.

Two others in the Taurus who were injured have also filed personal injury lawsuits against the drunk driver, claiming their injuries were caused by his negligence. Those lawsuits are seeking a combined total of around $1.7 million.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley believe too many people are killed and injured at the hands of drunk drivers each year and hope a decision in these cases will help bring closure to the victims of this tragedy, as well as their friends and families.

Norfolk Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against VA Hospital

by admin@gotechark.com | November 12th, 2012

November 12, 2012

A 39-year-old Norfolk, Virginia, woman filed a Norfolk wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Veteran Affairs on behalf of her sister who died while under the care of the agency’s medical staff. The Virginian-Pilot reports the medical staff was negligent in prescribing medications to the victim that were ultimately used in her suicide.

The article told the story about how on the last night of the victim’s tour of duty in Naples, Italy, in 1995, she was the victim of a burglary that left her severely traumatized. A year later, the woman was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and was found to have an 80 percent service-related disability. Over the next 13 years, the woman was seen by at least one dozen doctors and received prescriptions for as many as 25 different medications.

In the eight months prior to the woman’s death, she had attempted to commit suicide by taking the antipsychotic medication, Seroquel, but had failed. When a doctor purposefully supplied her more of the drug, she took it all in one night and was found dead the next day by her sister.

The sister is seeking $5 million in damages from a trial scheduled to begin next April.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley are hopeful that the Norfolk wrongful death lawsuit will help bring closure to the tragedy for the family and friends of the victim.


Controversy Swirls Around New Virginia Wrongful Death Law

by | September 24th, 2012

September 24, 2012

A new law recently passed in Virginia now allows a woman to sue for the wrongful death of an unborn child if the baby dies as the result of the “wrongful act, neglect, or default of any person, ship, vessel, or corporation.” While most agree that the law better protects the rights of a mother and child, some experts believe that the new law will just create a plethora of litigation.

According to the Daily Press, the law was passed by the General Assembly in March and was officially signed into law by the governor in July. Since then, the law has resulted in dozens of lawsuits. Some believe that this is due to the vague wording of the law that allows for causation of death to be brought against someone in almost any situation.

Richmond General District Court Judge, Robert A. Pustilnik, argued that a lawsuit could be filed against a doctor is a child dies while in their care and even presented the scenario of a case being brought by a mother whose trip and fall in a friend’s home resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley believe that the new law protects children and mothers from senseless and neglectful accidents that result in tragic outcomes, and we are here to help you if you have lost a loved one.

Norfolk Motorcycle Crash Claims The Life Of Rider

by admin@gotechark.com | April 17th, 2012

April 16, 2012

A Norfolk, Virginia, man died Saturday from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. According to WAVY-TV 10 News, the crash happened at 6:33 p.m. at the intersection of East Little Creek and Thompson Roads.

A spokeswoman for the Norfolk Police Department, Karen Parker-Chesson, stated that the motorcyclist was traveling east along East Little Creek Road when a vehicle pulling out from Thompson Road cut him off. The man didn’t have time to maneuver around the car and hit the front side of the vehicle, ejecting him from the bike. Paramedics rushed the victim to the local hospital, but he died a short time after arrival.

While the driver in the case has not been placed under arrest, detectives say that charges may be filed at the conclusion of a full investigation.

Low visibility is one of the top causes of motorcycle accidents today. A report from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration found that in a multi-vehicle crash, the other vehicle violates the motorcycle’s right of way in 30 to 50 percent of accidents, with the most common violation being a car making a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. The report concluded that a lack of motorcycle visibility was a major cause of crashes.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley, The Injury Lawyer would like to send their condolences to the family of the man who lost his life.