How Life Insurance Company Fraud Works

by | October 17th, 2016

There is nothing we hate more at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers than an insurance company that refuses to do the right thing, except maybe an insurance company that knowingly perpetrates fraud against our Norfolk friends and neighbors. Over the past year, we’ve spoken with a number of folks in our community who’ve been the victim of life insurance company fraud, and we’re in the process of helping many of them get justice right now.

Here’s how life insurance company fraud works. You buy a life insurance policy and pay the premiums every month on time and in full. Then one day you receive a notice that your premiums are skyrocketing, leaving you with one of three options: cancel the policy, pay 2-3 times more for the exact same policy, or wipe out the savings you’ve accumulated. It that seems unfair and downright wrong it’s because it is.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we’ve been monitoring this new and ongoing threat to Norfolk life insurance policyholders for a while now. We know what these insurance companies are trying to get away with and how they’re doing it, which makes us better equipped to stop them. If you’ve been the victim of life insurance company fraud, give us a call today for a free consultation. What they’re doing to you and your family is wrong, and we won’t let them get away with it. Contact us today.