Defective Product Lawsuit

GM Facing Defective Product Lawsuits in Connection With Defective Ignition Switches

by | April 7th, 2014

The manufacturers of the automobiles Americans purchase and drive have a responsibility to ensure their products and parts are safe for use. Failure to do so can result in massive, costly recalls and, in some cases, civil litigation.

Several such Defective Product Lawsuits have arisen in the wake of a massive recall launched by auto manufacturer General Motors (GM). Reports indicate ignition switch failure caused several  GM vehicles to shut off while in motion, and lead to several serious and fatal accidents.

Consumers reported a loss of braking and steering control when the ignition switch accidentally makes its way into the off position while the vehicle is in motion. The problem is attributed to a malfunction in the piece that locks the key into place when inserted in the ignition.

An article from CBS News states GM was aware of the defective part for up to five years before they took action to protect consumers from harm. The cost to replace the problematic part was less than $1 per vehicle, but GM officials declined to take action because of the expense.

Now, the company is facing more than a dozen lawsuits in connection to crashes caused by the faulty part.

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