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Negligent Providers Should Be Held Liable after Birth Injuries

by | March 2nd, 2020

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we know that there can be many complications that arise during pregnancy and during the delivery process. Pregnant women trust their doctors and other healthcare professionals to properly monitor their and their babies’ health from conception to delivery. And while childbirth is significantly safer in 2020 than at any other point in human history, women and their children can still face major risks when healthcare providers are negligent.

In many cases, birth injuries to both mothers and their children are avoidable when doctors perform necessary tests and make accurate and timely diagnoses of potential problems. When they fail to do so, or their diagnoses are inaccurate or delayed, minor problems can grow into much more serious issues that can put both mothers and their unborn children at risk of serious complications, injuries, and even life-threatening conditions.

In addition, many birth injuries that can be treated after delivery result in lifelong disabilities for children. For example, babies may be born with injured or paralyzed limbs and muscles due to trauma suffered during delivery. Doctors can often prevent those injuries from occurring by assessing risk long before delivery occurs, but when they fail to do so, they may be unable to minimize damage once women begin to give birth.

Simply put—a large percentage of birth injuries are preventable, and when they happen, we believe women should seek assistance from experienced Norfolk birth injury lawyers. Our team has helped many women get the compensation they deserve after they and their babies were harmed before or during delivery, and we want to help you if you’re also in that situation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Some of the Most Common Types of Birth Injuries Today

by | October 27th, 2014

The day your child is born can be the most exhilarating day of your life. It can also be one of the most devastating if things don’t go according to plan during delivery.

Estimates show that in 7 of every 1,000 deliveries, the child or mother will sustain some sort of birth injury. This leaves many parents-to-be wondering what some of the most common birth injuries are. We have compiled a list of some of the most regularly occurring injuries, including:

  • Cerebral Palsy– The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke says this condition affects 1 in every 278 infants and is often the result of head trauma, a lack of oxygen, or infection. Cerebral Palsy is recognized by its impairment of the victim’s motor function and movement.
  • Brachial Plexus Injury– Such an injury occurs when delivery causes the bundle of nerves in the child’s spinal cords, arms, wrists, and hands to be severed or damaged. This can cause the child’s ability to move to be inhibited.
  • Asphyxia– A lack of oxygen can cause the child to suffer brain damage and even death.
  • Brain Damage– An infant’s head is one of the most sensitive areas of the body during delivery because of the compression of the skull’s plates during birth. Any force exerted on the head can cause serious damage to the brain, which can result in impaired cognitive and physical function.

If your child has been harmed during birth and is afflicted with one of these or another condition, the most important thing to remember is that help is available. The Norfolk personal injury attorneys with Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers have helped numerous birth injury victims and can do the same for you. To learn more about how we can assist you with your case, call us at (757) 459-CASH.

Risks of Injury High When Giving Birth

by | August 19th, 2013

August 19, 2013

Giving birth to a child is a complex process, during which any mistake made by medical professionals can result in the mother, child, or both suffering life-threatening injuries and possibly death.

Some of the most common types of birth injuries are caused by force being exerted on the child’s body during the birthing process. The Norfolk Birth Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley explain these injuries include Cerebral and Erb’s Palsy, both of which result in the victim’s loss of motor skills.

While these forms of birth injuries have been identified for quite some time, experts may have pinpointed a new risk posed to children during birth. A new study conducted at Duke University has associated certain medications given to women to induce or postpone labor with an increased risk of the child being autistic.

According to an article released by WebMD, researchers examined more than 625,000 birth records and determined that 1.7 percent of the children had autism. Children born to mothers who had labor induced were found to have a 35 percent higher risk of autism when compared to children born without the assistance of the medications.

Stanley’s team of Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers recognize the dangers present while giving birth to a child and are here to help those who have suffered a birth injury due to a medical professional’s negligence.

A New Study Shows Promise In The Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

by | May 6th, 2013

May 6, 2013

Cerebral palsy is a very common Birth Injury that occurs in the United States today. The condition is caused by a lack of oxygen going to the brain during the child birthing process and can result in motor skills being drastically affected in a victim. The condition can lead to life-long disabilities such as an inability to walk, sit up, or speak.

New research is showing there may now be an effective treatment for this condition. A study published in a recent issue of the journal, Nature Biotechnology, data has shown that scientists are able to transform normal skin cells, or fibroblasts, into brain cells that are missing or damaged during the child birthing process. The technique is called “cellular reprogramming” and can alter the make up of the cell to allow it to transmit information to other myelinating cells.

The cells are created in a lab and then injected into a patient’s brain, where they quickly begin to repair damage to axons through the generation of compact Myelin.

The study was successful in the treatment of mice with suffering from Cerebral Palsy and now researchers are beginning to look into the testing of human cases.

Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley and his team of Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers are excited to see such advancements in the treatment of this disabling disease being made. The firm is hopeful the technology gained will be successful in helping those who have been affected by this condition.