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Norfolk Drug Injury Lawyers Discuss Medications That Have Been Tied To Liver Damage

by | November 2nd, 2015

As Americans, we’re lucky to have access to medications that can treat many of our ailments. Still, it’s pertinent to keep in mind that certain medications can cause serious side effects, including harm to internal organs like the liver. That’s why our Norfolk drug injury lawyers at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers would like to point out several medications that have recently been tied to serious liver damage in some patients.


Acetaminophen is a drug that is found in more than 100 medications, and it’s used to treat pain. Experts have shown that taking too much of the drug can cause serious harm to the liver.

Data indicates that as many as 50,000 patients are treated in the emergency room for Acetaminophen liver damage each year. Another 500 die as a result of the drug injury.

Viekira Pak and Technivie

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warnings regarding two Hepatitis C medications that pose a risk of liver damage in some users.  The Wall Street Journal reports that since the beginning of the year, the FDA has received 26 reports of patients suffering serious liver damage after using the medications.

Getting Help

If you’ve suffered liver damage as the result of taking a medication, you have rights that need to be protected. We’re here to assist you. You can learn more about the options and resources an attorney can provide by visiting our website.