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Common Causes of Car Accidents and How You Can Protect Yourself

by | October 26th, 2015

There are countless factors that can lead to car crashes, but some causes are reported more often than others. That’s why the legal staff at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers would like to point out some common causes of car accidents in our area:

  • Driver Distraction- The chances of being involved in an accident are 23 times higher when engaging in behaviors such as texting or talking on the phone while driving. Other behaviors that can cause a driver to become distracted include eating or drinking, adjusting the radio, and talking with passengers in a vehicle.
  • Drinking and Driving- In 2014, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports that 251 people were killed and another 5,003 motorists were seriously injured as the result of a crash caused by a drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • Speeding- Driving faster than the posted speed limit is listed as a contributing factor in roughly one-third of all fatal collisions.

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