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by | December 26th, 2022

Nearly 70 million households in the U.S. own a dog, and a huge percentage of the population considers themselves to be “dog people.” There’s no denying that dogs are an integral part of many families nationwide and right here in Virginia, but there’s also no denying that they have the potential to bite—and sometimes without provocation, warning, or a history of aggression.

All dog breeds have sharp teeth and powerful jaws. From the smallest “toy” dogs to the largest hunting dogs, dogs can cause serious damage to fingers, hands, arms, feet, legs, and other body parts when they bite.

Victims of dog bites face serious complications, including infection, bleeding, and nerve damage. It’s not uncommon for some victims to need to be hospitalized to treat their injuries, and some require surgery to repair the damage. In severe cases, victims may even become permanently disabled.

Despite all of the potentially severe consequences of dog bites, many victims never pursue compensation. That’s because they don’t want anything bad to happen to the dogs that bite them or their owners, especially when the victims know them well. This is understandable, but there two things to know about dog bite claims:

  • They often come out of insurance policies rather than dog owner’s pockets
  • Dogs aren’t required to be euthanized or given up after a bite, even if it results in a lawsuit

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia dog bite attorneys work hard to protect innocent victims’ rights after serious dog-related injuries. If you or someone you love is bitten or attacked, contact us anytime for a free consultation.

Who Pays for a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

by | September 19th, 2022

Dog bites are more common than you think. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S., and more than 800,000 need to get medical attention for those bites.

When people are bitten by dogs owned by family, friends, or even strangers, they’re often hesitant to file claims against the owners for two reasons. First, they don’t want anything to happen to the dogs that bit them. And second, they don’t want the owners to have to pay for their expensive medical bills and lost wages out of pocket.

It’s important to note that there’s no law dictating that dogs must be euthanized or given to an animal shelter or rehomed after a bite, even if it results in a civil lawsuit. And in most dog bite cases, insurance picks up the tab for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These expenses are rarely paid out of pocket by dog owners.

The most common type of insurance to cover dog bites is homeowners or renters insurance. Because most people who own a home or rent an apartment or home are required to have homeowners or renters insurance, dog bite victims shouldn’t feel bad about filing claims against the owners of the dogs who bit them. If victims don’t file claims, they don’t get compensation—and they’ll be forced to dig into or even use up their own savings for medical treatments.

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3 Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Injury

by | July 11th, 2022

Most dogs are playful, loving, and docile. But all dogs have the potential to bite, including those with no history of biting. When people get bitten by dogs, they’re often shocked by what just happened—not to mention experiencing severe pain and bleeding.

The complications of dog bites can be serious. Although people say that dogs’ mouths are clean, they are actually teeming with bacteria. When they bite, their long and sharp teeth can push the bacteria deep inside the skin, resulting in deep wounds that can become infected.

If you or someone you love are bitten by a dog, it’s important to protect your health and your rights to compensation by taking these steps:

  • Get the dog owner’s contact information: If the dog owner isn’t someone you know, get their name, phone number, and email address. You’ll need this information if you file an injury claim against them. You also may need to contact them to determine their dog’s health and vaccination status.
  • Wash and apply pressure to the wound: Dog bites can cause heavy bleeding. If you’re able to, wash the wound immediately with soap and water. This can reduce the risk of infection. Then, apply pressure to it using a clean towel. This can stop the bleeding until you’re able to get professional medical help.
  • Go to a doctor or the emergency room: Severe dog bites usually don’t stop bleeding on their own, and they may need to be treated with local and oral antibiotics. Going to a doctor not only protects your health, but it also creates an official record of the bite and the damages it caused you.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia dog bite attorneys know how serious these bites can be. Contact us after a bite that wasn’t your fault—we’ll work hard to get you full compensation.

Your Dog Bite Injury Claim May Be Worth More Than You Think

by | March 7th, 2022

Dog bites are often more serious than people initially think, but a large percentage of victims either don’t get compensation or fail to get enough compensation.

Dogs have long, sharp teeth and very powerful jaws. When they bite, their teeth can severely damage skin, tissue, nerves, muscle, and even bone. Complications associated with dog bites include nerve damage, infection, bleeding, and loss of mobility.

Many people who file compensation claims after dog bite injuries only consider their upfront costs, which can include an ambulance ride to the hospital, surgery, overnight stay, prescription medications, and physical rehabilitation. They also may get compensation for some of their lost wages. But many dog bite victims suffer from the effects of these injuries for the rest of their lives.

For example, it’s not uncommon for dog bite victims to lose permanent sensation in their fingers, hands, arms, legs, feet, or toes, depending on where they were bitten. They also may lose some or all usage of those body parts. That means that even if they are able to return to work, their effectiveness at their jobs may be diminished, which can affect their careers and lifetime earnings.

They also may be unable to participate in their hobbies and pastimes to the same degree as they could before their injuries. This can result in a significantly reduced quality of life. Unfortunately, these aspects of dog bite injuries aren’t always considered in claims, but they should fairly compensated when victims get settlements.

If you were bitten by a dog, our Virginia dog bite lawyers want to help you get maximum compensation. Contact Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

Some Dog Bite Victims Never Fully Recover

by | October 18th, 2021

Being bitten by a dog can be painful and shocking. Dogs are such integral parts of many families that it’s difficult to imagine one being suddenly aggressive and biting—especially without provocation. But around 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S., and many of those bites lead to serious injuries and complications.

Some dog bite victims lose feeling or function in the affected body part, which is often the arm or hand. That’s because dogs’ teeth are long and sharp enough to penetrate deep into the skin, muscle, and other tissue, potentially damaging or severing nerves. When nerves are damaged, it’s difficult or impossible for them to be repaired or regenerated.

That means that some dog bite victims deal with permanent disability, which can result in job loss and serious economic difficulties. Imagine an auto mechanic who loses the use of his right hand after a dog bite. He may be completely unable to do his job and have no alternative ways to earn money. That can cause him and his family enormous hardship.

Unfortunately, many dog bite victims are reluctant to file compensation claims, and others may not even realize that it’s a possibility. At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we want to stand up for the rights of these often-overlooked victims. If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog, contact our Virginia dog bite lawyers today for a free consultation.

What Insurance Pays for Dog Bite Injuries?

by | April 19th, 2021

If you were recently bitten by a dog, you may be looking at big expenses related to the bite. It’s common for dog bite victims to need extensive medical care for complications ranging from bleeding and infection to nerve damage and pain. Some victims may even be hospitalized for days, while others may become temporarily or permanently disabled.

The expenses you’re facing can push you towards filing a compensation claim, but you may be worried about who or what will pay for your damages—especially if the dog owner is a friend, family member, or even a stranger you don’t want to burden. Thankfully, many dog bites are covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

Although these policies are created to cover home-related expenses, they also cover many aspects of life that go beyond domestic life, including dog bites that happen on or off the policyholders’ property. That means that if you get bitten by a dog while walking through your neighborhood or at a park, there’s a good chance the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance will kick in if you file an injury claim.

But what if the dog owner doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance? In this case, you may be eligible to claim compensation through their animal insurance if the owner has purchased it. If they haven’t, you can still file an injury claim, but it will likely be paid from the dog owner’s pocket. It’s common for bite victims to feel bad about doing so, but when they don’t pursue compensation, they have to bear the burden of those costs alone for a bite that wasn’t their fault!

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Why Dog Bites Can Lead to Permanent Disability

by | February 1st, 2021

Being bitten by a dog is a painful, traumatic, and frightening experience. Even small breeds can cause serious injuries. All dogs have sharp teeth and powerful jaws, and when they bite, they can inflict significant damage to skin, muscles, tendons, nerves, and more. In addition to immediate concerns such as pain and bleeding, victims also may be at risk of long-term damage.

The biggest risk factor for long-term damage after a dog bite is nerve damage. Dog bite victims are especially vulnerable to nerve damage when they are bitten on their hands or fingers, as the nerves are close to the skin and easily damaged by dogs’ sharp teeth. People who suffer nerve damage may lose some or all use of their hands and fingers.

In addition to affecting mobility and use, dog bites can also cause long-term pain, especially when they affect nerves. Nerve damage doesn’t mean just loss of feeling or motion—it can also lead to uncomfortable and painful sensations, even when the injury from the bite itself appears to have healed. Finally, dog bites can result in serious infections that can sometimes require amputation to treat, which obviously results in profound disability due to lost digits or body parts.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia dog bite lawyers know how debilitating these injuries can be. That’s why we work hard to hold negligent dog owners accountable when their pets bite innocent victims and cause them to suffer pain and disability. If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog, we want to help you get compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What Is Considered Provocation in Dog Bite Cases?

by | October 19th, 2020

When a dog bites someone, there’s a good chance the victim will be able to file a compensation claim against its owner. Dog bite injury claims are particularly viable if the owner failed to leash their dog or restrain it on private property. That means dog owners who let their pets roam free on trails, greenways, sidewalks, and even in their neighborhoods can be held liable if their bite or attack someone.

However, dog owners often have one major defense against liability when their pets bite: provocation. When it comes to dog bite claims, provocation refers to people acting in a manner around dogs that might entice them to bite. However, many actions that are often considered provocation are not. For example, petting a dog, playing with a dog, or even walking towards a dog should never be considered provocation.

Actual provocation includes actions that are clearly meant to frighten, harm, or startle a dog, including:

  • Hitting a dog
  • Trapping a dog
  • Intentionally stepping on a dog’s tail or feet
  • Pulling on a dog’s tail, ears, or other body parts

Dog owners must assume that others may want to approach and greet their pets. After all, most dogs love meeting new people. So when dog owners and their lawyers claim provocation due to a victim simply being near their dog or acting in a friendly manner towards it, they’re often fighting a losing battle.

If you were bitten by a dog, our Virginia dog bite lawyers can protect your rights, especially if you’re being accused or provocation as a way to avoid paying you a settlement. Contact Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

Bitten by a Dog? Your Injury May Be Worse Than You Think.

by | August 10th, 2020

If you or someone you know was recently bitten by a dog, it’s important to not only seek immediate medical attention, but it’s also vital to get immediate legal representation. That’s because dog bites aren’t just initially painful and disabling, but they can also be permanently disabling.

Dog bites are particularly dangerous for two reasons: first, they can cause serious infections. Dogs’ mouths are breeding grounds for bacteria, and when they bite, their sharp teeth can cause huge amounts of that bacteria to be pushed directly into victims’ bloodstreams. That can result in body-wise infections that cause serious complications and even a risk of death.

Second, dog bites are capable of seriously damaging muscle, tendons, nerves, and even bone, depending on the breed and bite force they generate. In addition to serious blood loss, those types of injuries don’t just cause significant pain, but they can also make it difficult to use the affected body part.

For example, people who are bitten on their hands by dogs may have limited or completely lost functionality in their fingers or their entire hands. They may lose grip strength, dexterity, and coordination. That can be disastrous for people who work with their hands or whose jobs require many precise movements throughout the day.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia dog bite lawyers want to ensure that no dog bite victim goes without the legal representation they deserve after an attack. Get in touch with us today if you or a family member was bitten by a dog for a free consultation. It’s our goal to get you maximum compensation for your injuries and expenses.

When Can Dog Owners Be Held Liable after Bites?

by | March 16th, 2020

Dogs have lived alongside people for millennia. When kept as pets, the vast majority of dogs are loving and gentle animals. But all dogs, regardless of breed, temperament, size, and behavioral history, are capable of attacking and biting—even without provocation. Victims can include their owners, other members of their household, or even complete strangers.

Many dog breeds have powerful jaws and sharp teeth. When they bite, they’re capable of inflicting significant injuries. Victims may suffer everything from severe bleeding and pain to infection and nerve damage. It’s not uncommon for dog bite victims to require hospitalization and to suffer prolonged or even permanent disability in affected limbs or body parts. That means big medical bills and a long time away from work—or even early retirement.

Because of the financial consequences of dog bites, it’s important for victims to be able to pursue compensation. But first, they must prove that the owners of the dogs that bit them were negligent. There are two ways that dog owners are generally considered negligent:

  • They didn’t leash their dogs—When dogs are in public and aren’t leashed or aren’t fully controlled by their owners and they bite or attack someone, their owners can be held liable.
  • They didn’t contain their dogs—On their own property, dog owners are required to ensure that their dogs aren’t allowed to roam freely and potentially bite guests or passersby.

Proving negligence after a dog bite requires experience and knowledge of local ordinances and personal injury law. That’s why it’s important to contact the Virginia dog bite attorneys at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers as soon as possible. We’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.