Personal Injury Claims Can Turn into Wrongful Death Claims When Victims Pass Away

by | September 6th, 2021

When it comes to getting compensation after an accident or injury, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. That’s especially true when a loved one has been seriously injured and faces life-threatening complications.

When people are injured because of others’ negligence, their claims may start as personal injury claims, but if they pass away, they can turn into wrongful death claims. If your family is ever in this situation, it’s vital to have an experienced law firm on your side from day one. Many aspects of a personal injury claim carry over to a wrongful death claim, but not at all.

After an accident or injury victim dies, there are many new questions and concerns that must be addressed. Their loved ones also may need different types and amounts of compensation.

Moving forward as if the claim is still a personal injury claim means that important information isn’t being considered, and that can leave surviving family members in need of additional compensation that they’ll never get after the claim concludes.

No one wants to imagine their loved one may pass away after an accident or injury, but it’s a possibility families must prepare for by getting a law firm that understands both personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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