Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Nestled in the southwest corner of the commonwealth, the Virginia Beach area is home to approximately 1.67 million citizens. Virginia Beach City is the largest city in Virginia with over 440,000 residents. This steadily growing population prompted Forbes magazine to label the city a “Millennial Boomtown.”

While Virginia Beach may be best known as a tourist hotspot because of its beaches, agriculture also plays a large part in creating revenue for the area. In fact, as many as 172 farms surround Virginia Beach and supply food and other agricultural goods to residents of the area and the state.

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Car Accidents in Virginia Beach

More than 35 miles of beautiful beaches from the Chesapeake Bay to Sandbridge draw millions of tourists to Virginia Beach every year. More than 94 percent of them arrive by car, swelling roads and interstates with distracted drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. Car accident statistics provided by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles show the number of car accidents, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents in Virginia Beach top more than 6,000 every year—the most of any city in Virginia.

The Virginia Beach car accident lawyers at Lowell Stanley know how frustrating it is to be injured by someone who was speeding, not paying attention, or even worse, drunk driving. If you’re stuck paying medical bills and missing work because someone else was negligent behind the wheel, call us—we want to help.

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